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Meir, Golda (1898-1978) Israeli Prime Minister
Golda Meir served the government and people of Israel in a number of capacities. In June 1948, she was appointed as Israel’s ambassador to the Soviet Union. From 1956 until June 1966 she held the post of Israeli foreign minister. In 1969, at the age of seventy-one, she became the prime minister of Israel, a position which she held until 1974. In 1972, she was contacted by AJC and asked to participate in the project “Remembering Jacob Blaustein,” a collection within the William E. Wiener Oral History Library. Prime Minister Meir agreed to be interviewed, and in 1972, in her Tel Aviv office, she shared her impressions and memories of past AJC President Jacob Blaustein (1949-1954), recalling his valuable assistance to the emergent state.
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