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1992 "What Being Jewish Means to Me"
The American Jewish Committee is proud to present this series of personal messages — printed in the New York Times and elsewhere over a five-year period — on the meaning of being Jewish today.

The authors of these statements have included a U.S. Senator, a Supreme Court Justice, college students, a Nobel Prize winning scientist and Nobel laureate, a professional football player, a NASA astronaut, an Ivy League president, writers, a U.S. Ambassador, a noted psychologist, an actor, a U.S. military cadet, and others.

The Jewish community offers an abundant diversity of intellectual, spiritual and cultural opportunities that can enrich and deepen one’s life. Jewish living, we believe, provides rootedness in the present and a link to our history and destiny.
[alphanumeric order]

Adina Schapiro, in "What Being Jewish Means to Me" (May 3, 1995)
Theme: Columbia University, Class of 1998; Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Class of 1998
Cadet Avram Isaacson, in "What Being Jewish Means to Me" (March 3, 1996)
Theme: United States Military Academy, Class of 1996
David Finn, in "What Being Jewish Means to Me" (March 20, 1994)
Theme: CEO, Ruder & Finn, International Public Relations; Photographer, writer, painter
Enenit Shula Mula, in "What Being Jewish Means to Me" (May 8, 1996)
Theme: Student, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Marcos Aguinis, in "What Being Jewish Means to Me" (September 11, 1994)
Theme: Secretary of Culture of Argentina (1983-1987), Novelist, essayist, author of 16 books
Morris Smith, in "What Being Jewish Means to Me" (June 7, 1993)
Theme: Former manager, Fidelity Magellan Fund
Rosalyn Yalow, in "What Being Jewish Means to Me" (March 7, 1993)
Theme: Nobel Laureate, 1977 Physiology Medicine